TODO POR LA PRAXIS_Sound System Guerrilla


“Todo por la praxis” is part of a large network, collective architectures, which is a network of people and groups interested in building participatory urban environment. The network provides an enabling framework for collaboration in different types of projects and initiatives. This network presents an alternative approach to conventional architectural practice, introducing networking, setting up a bank of knowledge and common resources and collaborative practices both in the conception and execution of projects. ideation and execution of projects.

The group is formed by a multidisciplinary team with members from various disciplines such as architecture, art, law, design and anthropology. “Todo por la praxis” is defined as an aesthetic project Laboratory of cultural resistance, a laboratory that develops tools for intervention in the public space. With the ultimate goal of generating a catalog of tools and socially effective direct action.

Sound System Guerrilla

A Soundsystem is a sound reproduction system of highly variable composition and size.


Fiesta de todos// Party for everyone.

The idea was to install some acoustic diffusers in different corners of one park so that users could listen to music and because of this trigger a spontaneous process communal ownership of the place.


Installed diffusers were accompanied by a small operation manual explanations and spirit of Guerrilla Soundsystem, and associated with a Soundcloud page where users can upload their music with the intention of sharing with users of the speakers.

With this strategy was to stimulate the generation of a community whose characteristics hybrid between virtual and face care could ensure the installed artifacts and its influence space.



Unfortunately all speakers were removed less than twelve hours after installation, presumably for the maintenance and cleanliness of the park.


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